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새로운 연호 기념!
인스 타 그램

Instagram 에서 "yumotoankiyohime"사진을 게시!!
저녁 음료를 선물!!



사진을 게시



를 붙이고,
Kiyohime 추억을 공유!!

1.참여 방법

instagram에서 공식 계정 (@yumotoankiyohime)를 팔로우하십시오.

공식 계정을 팔로우

유모토 암清姫에서의 추억을 느낄 수있는 사진이라면 뭐든지 OK! 객실과 온천, 풍경, 함께했던 사람들 등 좋아하는 사진을 준비해주십시오.

 yumotoankiyohime 촬영!

해시 태그

"#yumotoankiyohime"를 반드시 달아 게시하시기 바랍니다! ※ instagram 게시물을 비공개 설정되어있는 경우, 본 캠페인 응모 대상에서 제외되므로주의하시기 바랍니다.

해시 태그와 장소를 달고 게시!



저녁 식사시 생맥주 한 잔 선물

Instagram에 게시하면 생맥주 또는 소프트 드링크를받을 수 있습니다. (밤밥시)

※ 당일 포스트 한 사진을 직원에게 보여주십시오. 생맥주 크기 (소)입니다.


※ 제공 음료 이미지


3.湯本庵清姫 추억


4.참가 요강

【Holding period】



Application method
(1)Follow the official Instagram account "yumotoankiyohime"
(2)Post memories in Yumotoankiyohime with "# yumotoankiyohime"
(3)We will give you a beer at dinner time.
※You can post any number of times per person. Service is limited to once per person.

【Period for campaign】

At dinner, a glass of beer (or soft drink) is presented.

Target period: From April 23, 2019 (Tuesday) to August 31, 2019 (Saturday)※ Please post a photo to the staff.

【Qualification requirements】】

Those who stayed at Yumotoankiyohime

Those who are using Instagram and following the official account "yumotoankiyohime". If you have Instagram posts set to "public".



・A post that meets the Step of Participation method is considered to be part of the campaign.

・ The right is the person's own and can not be transferred or redeemed to a third party.

・ It is limited to the post image taken by yourself.

・ The photos you have submitted may be introduced on Yumotoankiyohime's official account "yumotoankiyohime", the official website, or SNS.

・ When there is a third party's right infringement such as a portrait right in the photograph that we posted, we do not take any responsibility.
・ If a photo that violates copyright, a photo that violates public order and morals, or a photo that violates the privacy of others is posted, it will be invalid.
・If there is a dispute with a third party in relation to the posting of photos, the contributor shall settle the dispute with the responsibility and expense of the contributor.

If it is determined that the applicant has performed an act that falls under the following, the posting data may not be posted, deleted after posting, or the present may be invalidated.




A trip offer arrives.